VAT Consulting

The Value added Tax (VAT) is newly introduced in the UAE and other parts of the GCC in January 2018. Our highly experienced Partners and Tax Advisors have extensive experience in handling complex taxation issues in their home country and have been working closely with our Clients from tax registration to filing returns, following up on tax refunds and advising on various matters relating to the VAT.

Accounting & Book Keeping

With the introduction of VAT in UAE, many of the smaller businesses have found it a necessity to have proper books of accounts for tax audit purposes. We act as outsourced Accountants and Finance Managers in the UAE. Accu Vault saves significant time and money by providing an accounting and reporting framework for businesses by managing junior level accounting staff, performing month end and year end closing process, implementation of management information systems and assisting in the creation of budgets and forecasts.

The businesses find our services as a significant value addition by realizing cost savings and increased operational efficiency as a by-product of maintaining proper books of accounts. We do more than just crunch numbers, our trained Chartered Accountants find ways to save you money, help you allocate resources more efficiently and take a proactive approach in helping you identify and resolve issues before they become serious problems.

Audit & Assurance

Most of the licensing authorities including free zones in the UAE have regulations requiring annual audits. Our audit assignments are led by qualified auditors with a commitment to highest standards of professionalism. Throughout the entire audit process, we work alongside our clients to understand the underlying business, address critical issues, recommend improvements to increase control, reduce the potential for fraud, and assure stakeholders as to the accuracy of the accounts. We review, analyze, and evaluate risk in each area of the audit and focus on matters relevant to the validation of the audit opinion. The audit aims to deliver practical advice to our clients and serve as a valuable tool to help them develop their business.

Corporate Finance Consulting

From raising capital to debt restructuring, we assist our clients in preparing the requisite documents and proposals and completing the legal formalities to get credit facilities, raise equity, revolve credit, get credit rating, and so on. We primarily serve small and medium sized businesses however we are constantly tapped by large corporates for specific financing solutions thanks to our access to senior bankers and understanding of the requirements of the financial institutions.

Business Advisory & Consulting

Due to stiff competition and other hurdles the business faces in today’s global business environment, you need to create and maintain a structure that will help you identify opportunities, manage threats and enhance productivity so that your objectives and goals can be achieved within a specific timeframe. This is where we come to your assistance. AccuVault Accounting possesses in-depth knowledge of the industry and markets and our access to regional partner firms ensure we provide insightful research to our Clients. We have proven track record of turning around companies in UAE. Our technical expertise enables us to provide customized solutions that address the specific needs of clients at affordable prices.

CFO Service

We are able to offer highly experienced senior finance professionals as Outsourced CFO’s at your disposal and only when you need it. This concept, frequently referred to as the Virtual CFO, is relatively new to the GCC region but is well-established and growing rapidly in other parts of the world.

A CFO is a forward-looking individual who is involved in all strategic decisions of the business, constantly forecasting future cash flows and financial performance so that resource requirements, including financing facilities, can be identified and addressed well in advance of their requirement.

Due Diligence And Valuation Services

Our due diligence advisory service provides clients, who are considering buying or investing in a business, with reliable, comprehensive background information on the proposed transaction and help them make an informed decision. Accuvaultspecializes in small and medium size businesses and have the necessary capability to take on larger transactions thanks to our partner firms.

Our due diligence teams are comprised of auditors, financial analysts and senior CFO management consultants. Our final presentation to clients both highlights potential operational risk and control areas, but also provides suggested systems, reporting and risk management tools to AccuVault or improve the future results of the company.

Business Set Up & Corporate Services

United Arab Emirates (UAE) provides favorable economic and political environment wherein many global entities and aspiring entrepreneurs continue to set up business in various emirates. AccuVault provides comprehensive solutions for those planning incorporate, establish, and run their business in the UAE. We have extensive experience in this area and we work closely with several government agencies in the UAE and are familiar with the government procedures and their working. Right from conducting feasibility studies to decide on the industry to getting the physical space, complying with regulations, obtaining licenses and manpower services, we are with you in every step of the way.