The manufacturing and constructing industry is expected to witness a huge growth in the coming years. Considering the excellent infrastructure, low-tax environment and strategic location of the country, many more investors are flocking to the country to establish their company. A consultant who can help them start their manufacturing company in UAE and provide guidance to the ones already established here, is a must.

Accuvault Auditing has provided services to numerous manufacturing and construction companies; our client base includes an impressive list of companies in these sectors. As such we know the functioning of a company in these sectors and the various services they require. Our services include external and internal audit, M&A, business planning, VAT implementation and many more.


The Metal Trading sector is an immensely large industry, where a great number of companies are actively involved in development and production. This sector requires capital from equity markets for various purposes like capital intensive development of mineral projects, funding of risk management and exploration of deposits. The financial downturn in the recent past has had an adverse effect on this industry. Today there is a greater need for organizations operating in trading industry to adopt new policies of cost improvement and maintenance for the development of markets.

Over the years, we have worked with some of the most highly reputed and well-established Trading companies. Drawing from our rich experience of serving them, we offer services to optimize work processes that will result in high production levels at low costs. Our goal is to contribute to the industrial value for its long term sustenance by providing advice on projects and revenue-generating methods that are influenced by technologically advanced standards.


The Healthcare industry is on a lookout for innovative ways to ensure their survival and growth in today’s competitive era. With the increasing number of healthcare companies in UAE, various requirements and demands also arise and to fulfil these, you need a consultant who is aware of the know-hows of the industry. Accuvault Auditing is committed to help clients across the healthcare field and enable them to keep pace in the rapidly transforming industry.

Our tech-driven professionals helps you transform your healthcare company. We help in the easy navigation of your business and provide services across diverse arena, from audit, assurance and VAT implementation to internal audit, IT and company incorporation. We aim to enhance the overall functioning of an enterprise.


Professional services are rendered by independent consultants or contractors. Often, conflicts of interest and the necessity for independent reporting prevent a company’s external auditors from assisting in this essential activity. Lack of relevant information would mean overlooking organizational opportunities and making ill-informed decisions that may have an adverse effect on the business. Professional services ensure following the industry standards while also meeting the needs of the customer.

Our qualified team at Accuvault Auditing ensures adherence to the regulations of the industry while also meeting customer expectations. We can actively assist you in identifying those aspects of your business that are vulnerable to risks and offer effective solutions and adequate resources that are required to remedy those risks. Far from being a commodity service, audits performed by our team help in adding value to your organization by serving as a springboard toward identifying tax, management and competitive opportunities. We don’t simply detect errors that have already occurred, but anticipate probable crises that could hit the organization, and find ways to minimize them. We adopt a straight forward approach to identify problematic areas, evaluate the specific risks businesses face and determine their possible impact on the financial performance. The net results are reports that are progressive in their outlook, in addition to being technically correct so as to provide the most complete picture possible of the clients’ financial situation.

Our services include:

  • Partnership structuring and profit sharing arrangements.
  • Service entity requirements.
  • Budgeting Management accounting.
  • Key business indicators.
  • Compliance with taxation laws.
  • Trust account compliance.
  • Private taxation services for the partners.

How you benefit:

  • Efficient engagements.
  • Interactive process.
  • Industry concentration.
  • Agreed-upon procedures.


Retail sector is one of the strongest pillars of UAE’s economy, which experiences rapid growth and innovation. The retail industry in UAE, that houses some of the renowned global brands, faces a new era of challenges and opportunities. Many international brands flock their way to the country every year, hoping to expand their business here. The desire to open their retail companies in UAE is not limited to global brands, even small and new organizations dream of an opportunity to establish their presence in UAE. But, even if you find success in establishing your firm here, the question of survival arises.

If you are a retail company or if you are planning to start one in UAE, think no further, contact Accuvault for any assistance. We provide diverse services, from company incorporation to different types of financial related consultancy services. Our services include certification on various local requirements for managing retail business, VAT implementing and consulting, internal & external audits and IT consulting on data security, network maintenance etc.